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Facefull for iPad

Clean. Minimalistic Approach

More and more people access Facebook with their mobile devices but are often left unsatisfied with their experience:

  1. Some people do not like the limited in functionality of the mobile version of Facebook official app.
  2. Others are already very familiar with the PC version of Facebook and dislike the idea of learning how to use its mobile version.
  3. Finally, all the new Facebook features are usually first available in the desktop version and only later in the mobile version.

Simple. Easy to Use

If you wish to use Facebook desktop view on your iPad or iPhone now there is an app for that, and its name is Facefull. With Facefull your favorite social networking app looks exactly the same way on your mobile devices as accessed on the PC.

The app provides also a set of shortcuts to access your most frequently used sections of Facebook, like the feed, the calendar and birthdays, the messages, and the apps.

Features Highlights:

See events, birthdays, friends online and app requests in a single page
Get friends suggestions
Get friends’ feeds
Delete posts
Download photos into a folder
Share posts to Facebook pages
Access Facebook Ads Manager
Use the new Facebook Graph Search


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