Remove background from your pictures and photoshop them to your photos.

Is is easy, cool and spectacular.

Camera Amazing with Pictures Background Remover allows users to simply remove background from pictures and overlay the result while taking photos.

In other words Camera Amazing is a fully featured photo camera app that allows you to add real-time (on-the-fly) objects, pictures, photos, images that are not there to your photos. No need to long post processing, editing, “photoshopping”,etc. with Camera Amazing the result is instantaneous.

As you can see from the screen shoots, using this app you can remove the background from any picture downloaded from the web (or taken right within the app) and then simply add the background-less image to your next photo shot.

The app allows you to keep an infinite number of photos without background in your collection; you can easily load them and add them real-time into your photo-shoots. During the photo taking process the app makes use of the iPhone multi-touch technology to allow you to easily resize the background-less images, rotate them, move them around on the screen to best fit your shot.